Underwriting Workflow and Policy Administration System

Our rules-based workflow engine gives you a significant workflow advantage. Blue Goose can configure an automated workflow to meet your need quickly and inexpensively. For a GA/MGA to add a market takes less time and costs much less than the old dinosaur legacy systems. Workflow begins with our data capture engine that can even capture data from agent ACORD forms or other supplementals they create in their management system. Once the data is captured or entered, the rules-based workflow engine creates your submission, runs users through clearance, quoting, binding and policy issuance. And because it is a workflow system with user work-queue tracking, there is no need to generate diary or suspense items at every turn. Your users are much more efficient.

Blue Goose can do any of the following:

  • Send the data to internal or third-party rating engines for quoting.
  • Send the data to a carrier via XML data stream for quoting.

Once data is received, your quote is generated. Additionally, all forms and data received are saved automatically in our document storage system as the source document.
From our Agent Web Portal, each agent can easily view policy details, documents you publish, and, of course, statements.

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