Underwriting Workflow and Policy Administration System


Our rules-based workflow engine gives you a significant workflow advantage. Blue Goose can configure an automated workflow to meet your need–quickly and inexpensively. For a GA/MGA to add a market only takes a matter of days and costs much less than the old dinosaur legacy systems. The ExpertInsure workflow begins with our data capture engine that automatically captures data from ACORD forms or other supplementals your agents create in their management system. Once the data is captured by ExpertInsure, the rules-based workflow engine initiates the workflow process by auto¬†creating a submission, and the captured data is entered into ExpertInsure without any manual entry by your staff. ExpertInsure also creates an XML data packet with the captured data and the rules engine then determines what to do with the data based on your unique workflow requirements.

ExpertInsure can do any of the following:

  • Send the data to an internal or third-party rating engine(s) for quoting.
  • Send the data to a carrier via XML data stream for quoting.
  • Send the data to our custom scripting engine that automatically populates the carrier(s) website.

Once ExpertInsure receives the return data, it then generates a quote. Additionally, all forms and data received are automatically saved in our document storage system as the source document.

ExpertInsure has mapped out all ACORD forms and offers them in a fillable format. From the ExpertInsure Web Portal or from your website, you can allow agents to enter data to the ACORD forms and then submit them from the website. This feature can also be used to collaborate with agents when additional information is needed to quote or at renewal to collaborate on the ACORD application.

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