Intelligent Document Management

Blue Goose offers intelligent document management. Why do we call it “Intelligent Document Management”? Because it’s not just about scanning and imaging anymore. It’s about managing all of your data–-scanned images, emails with attachments, Word and Excel Documents, faxes, photographs, policies and claims, even voice recordings and Customer Relationship Management data (CRM)—all in one location.

Our solution is integrated with your management system, Microsoft Outlook, Word and Excel, and lets you create your own naming convention and file structure, which means you are in control of your data. With our open architecture and .Net technology, we have the ability to easily customize our software to accommodate each department in your organization. And because we can mimic your existing file structure, training is much easier.

Blue Goose’s document solution automatically creates extranet sites for your clients and companies. Now “paperless” means having a paperless relationship with your clients as well. With the extranet feature, you can send all of the data you have been emailing or mailing to your clients to their extranet site, and they can view or print these docs 24/7. And, it gives you a complete document activity history with email notification when documents are viewed.

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