Too often GAs and MGAs are prevented from pursuing new business opportunities because their underwriting workflow and policy administration system simply does not accommodate change. We recognize that systems today must have a rules-based underwriting workflow that is flexible and able to interface with an array of applications and external data sources. That’s why Blue Goose’s Policy Administration is your solution.

Unlike old dinosaur legacy systems of the past, ours is a rules-based workflow system that is configurable without programming changes or changes to the core system code. Our system is easy to implement and offers “out of the box” usability that can be quickly configured to meet the needs of any insurer.

Your unique workflows and integrations are managed in a graphical interface that allows easy configuration rather than the expensive customization other systems require. It also enables you to manage and configure policies per LOB and encompass the definitions of the policy product itself. All configuration changes can be done quickly, which means you can bring on a new market in days, a fraction of the time other systems require. And it allows you to capture data from ACORD forms and supplementals submitted by agents–the data is automatically entered into our system with no manual data entry.

It easily supports integrations through a variety of methods, including Web services and specific integrations. Flexibility is essential in delivering a new system that will meet your organization’s unique requirements–and more importantly to provide ongoing business agility so you can adapt to the ever-changing market.

Underwriters are often the key to your business. Our solution helps save expenses by establishing clear underwriting guidelines and allowing underwriters to make decisions quickly and efficiently. It provides underwriters an intuitive environment where all the information they need to make a decision is at their fingertips. It also creates an underwriting workflow that has a tight integration to Microsoft Outlook and our internal document management and communication system creating a paperless workflow process.

Collaboration is important and our solution’s Web portal technology makes it easy to communicate and do business with your agents. Experience has shown that efficient and responsive interaction wins the loyalty of agents. Our solution streamlines agent interactions and eliminates the barriers to booking new business.

We also provide a time-saving Web Portal, a self-service model that empowers agents to handle customer inquiries. A powerful search engine allows agents to quickly find their accounts and policies, and a further drill-down provides permission-controlled views of easily understood customer and policy information, including claims.

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