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19th Annual TMPAA Summit
October 21-23, 2019
Westin Kierland Resort
Scottsdale, Arizona

WSIA Automation Conference
March 15-18, 2020
Sheraton New Orleans
New Orleans, LA

TMPAA Mid-Year Meeting
May 4-6, 2020
Tampa Marriott Water Street
Tampa, FL

20th Annual TMPAA Summit
October 19-21, 2020
Westin Kierland Resort
Scottsdale, Arizona

Across the industry, insurance companies are seeking ways to streamline every element of their business processes while they maintain premium dollars and pursue new business. Competition is fierce and the demand for growth presents what might seem an impossible scenario—to grow profitability and reduce expenses while increasing customer service. That can only be accomplished with the most advanced and nimble technology solutions.

The structural limitations of old dinosaur legacy systems for underwriting and policy processing have weighed down companies and left them grappling with inflexible data structures, awkward or limited integrations that are difficult to support, and a lack of rules-driven workflows. The only options require expensive customization that is time-consuming, difficult to implement and many times doesn't work. That is until now.

Join Blue Goose at AAMGA in Scottsdale, AZ

By KAderhold
February 26, 2013 2:38 am

Come visit the Blue Goose Technology Solutions team at the AAMGA 2013 Automation and Technology Conference in Scottdale, AZThe conference will be held at the Scottsdale Plaza Resort from March 2-5, 2013. Blue Goose experts will be on hand to help you research the best possible solutions available and to demonstrate next generation software that will blow your mind.

Stop by the Blue Goose booth (#21), and you’ll be surprised by your options to grow profitability and reduce expenses, all while increasing customer service. The search for cost-effective technology solutions that allow you to reap benefits in months, not years, is no longer a dream. See you in Scottsdale!

Can’t be at the show? No problem. We can set up a time to meet and discuss your company’s unique needs anytime. Drop us a line by emailing or call (828) 478-7381.

Blue Goose Technology Solutions, Inc., a national provider of innovative insurance technology solutions for carriers, MGAs and wholesalers, is pleased to announce the selection of its ExpertInsure software by W.E Love & Associates, one of the nation’s largest privately owned transportation managing general agents.

“ExpertInsure allowed us to move quickly from a 10-year-old document management system to a cutting-edge solution,” said President & CEO John Love. “We now have an advanced system based on a platform that will allow us to stay on top of our technology needs for the foreseeable future and that translates into better service for our customers.” Additionally, W.E. Love purchased the billing and accounting system, Web portal, and policy issuance modules.

Within a shifting economy, MGAs must function at their top efficiency, and the technology they employ is one of the most critical elements of that equation. The Blue Goose team of insurance and technology experts carefully diagnoses each company’s unique needs and goals and matches them with the right solutions. These custom solutions are based on the newest available technology and allow clients to streamline both costs and implementation.

“Blue Goose helped us to identify the best solutions that technology has to offer today,” said Derek Brooks, senior vice president. “We’re now able to be nimble in a market that demands flexibility and strength to grow and succeed. Hands down, we made the right choice.”

About W.E.Love:

W. E. Love and Associates (WEL) C.M.G.A.) was founded on January 1, 1982. Today, it is one of the nation’s largest privately owned transportation managing general agents. For more information, visit


Novarica A recent study by research and advisory firm Novarica, entitled US P/C Policy Administration Projects: Averages and Metrics 2012, reveals that more than half of the P&C insurers that have implemented new policy administration systems report improvements of more than 25% in speed to market and data accessibility, as well as gains in business user satisfaction, distributor service, and reduced technology risk.

Key findings of the study include:

  • The average PAS project total cost (including internal costs) at a midsize insurer was $8.7 million. At a large insurer, the average total cost was $23.5 million. Roughly half the cost was internal staff, while license and software was less than 20% of total project costs.
  • More than 85% of recent projects involved conversion, not additions of a new system. The majority of P&C insurers converted policies on renewal rather than prior to launch.
  • The vast majority of P&C PAS projects include other components beyond core PAS such as agent portal, rating engine, underwriter workflow, billing, claims, reinsurance management, document generation, and business intelligence/reporting. Large insurers’ projects included 4.8 of these additional components on average, while midsize insurers’ projects included an average of 5.5.
  • Most large P&C insurer PAS projects completed their initial rollouts in less than 20 months, and their full projects within 40 months. Midsize insurers’ initial rollouts were generally faster, but full roll-outs took more than 40 months for more than 1/3 of recent projects.

Sherrills Ford, NC – Blue Goose Technology Solutions, Inc., a national provider of innovative insurance technology solutions for carriers, MGAs and wholesalers, is pleased to announce the selection of its ExpertInsure product by Liberty Insurance Brokers after a five year search to replace their existing technology.

“We chose Blue Goose because we wanted flexibility,” said Josh Malis, chief information officer for Liberty Insurance Brokers. “We wanted the ability to configure the software to fit what we do, as opposed to having to change our workflow to fit the software.” This win highlights Blue Goose’s ability to tailor its insurance specific offerings for companies both large and small.

Liberty serves a specialized niche of the commercial real estate market and has increased sales year over year causing it to outgrow its current system. Blue Goose software will be used to manage the company as a whole—for policy management, policy issuance, claims management, premium finance and document management. “We believe that Blue Goose is going to help us launch the company to the next level as an underwriter and as a sales organization, simultaneously,” said Liberty President and Founder Scott Engel.

The search at Liberty began several years ago when the technology was not yet available to accommodate its needs without incurring exorbitant customization costs. “We weren’t going to settle and give up the things we already had,” said Malis. “We were willing to wait until we found the right thing.” Along with its solutions, Blue Goose also provides consultation and follow-up to ensure each system is configured to meet the needs of the client. “They took the time to listen and were great at explaining their process,” added Malis. “And, the fact that they put everything in writing helped me to decide that they were the right company for us.”

About Liberty Insurance Brokers:

Liberty Insurance Brokers is a full-service commercial lines agency and program manager, specializing in investment real estate insurance in urban areas. Liberty works with commercial accounts, specialty accounts, forced placed bank programs, owners of large real estate schedules, and more.

Sherrills Ford, NC – September 25, 2007 – Bouchard Insurance, the 75th largest broker in the U.S., as reported by Business Insurance Magazine, has chosen Blue Goose Technology Solutions, Inc. for their document and enterprise content management (ECM) needs. As part of their initiative to procure a sophisticated method for not only document management, but overall content management and versioning control, Bouchard researched over 30 insurance industry providers and determined Blue Goose to be the most flexible and customizable.

“With Blue Goose Technology Solutions, we did not see any limitations, only potential,” said Cathy Chafin, vice president of Information Technology for Bouchard.

Bouchard’s internal selection process began with face-to-face meetings at events, phone calls, and the submission of quotes from the over 30 vendors held for consideration. An executive committee was formed to spearhead the selection and employees were polled for their input on needs and concerns. The search was narrowed down to four vendors who were sent an RFP. Vendors were then invited to conduct a two-day demonstration where department representatives would rate them on a point system. Results were then tallied to determine the provider who most closely matched the needs of the agency overall. Blue Goose garnered the highest score.

Blue Goose met and exceeded not only their need requirements but also met many items on their wish list. “When we considered our overall objectives beyond document management, such as client Web portal, Google-like search capability, willing customization, the latest technology, and e-mail management, Blue Goose was by far the obvious choice,” said executive committee member Nancy Sheinberg.

“We were determined to include everyone, take the time needed and ask the tough questions, said Chafin. “By doing this, I believe with Blue Goose we’ve found the best solution both for our company and clients for today and in the future.”

For additional information about Blue Goose Technology Solutions, Inc. or to set up an appointment for a demo, contact: Keith Aderhold at 828.478.7381 or via e-mail at