Sherrills Ford, NC – Blue Goose Technology Solutions, Inc., a national provider of innovative insurance technology solutions for carriers, MGAs and wholesalers, is pleased to announce the selection of its ExpertInsure product by Liberty Insurance Brokers after a five year search to replace their existing technology.

“We chose Blue Goose because we wanted flexibility,” said Josh Malis, chief information officer for Liberty Insurance Brokers. “We wanted the ability to configure the software to fit what we do, as opposed to having to change our workflow to fit the software.” This win highlights Blue Goose’s ability to tailor its insurance specific offerings for companies both large and small.

Liberty serves a specialized niche of the commercial real estate market and has increased sales year over year causing it to outgrow its current system. Blue Goose software will be used to manage the company as a whole—for policy management, policy issuance, claims management, premium finance and document management. “We believe that Blue Goose is going to help us launch the company to the next level as an underwriter and as a sales organization, simultaneously,” said Liberty President and Founder Scott Engel.

The search at Liberty began several years ago when the technology was not yet available to accommodate its needs without incurring exorbitant customization costs. “We weren’t going to settle and give up the things we already had,” said Malis. “We were willing to wait until we found the right thing.” Along with its solutions, Blue Goose also provides consultation and follow-up to ensure each system is configured to meet the needs of the client. “They took the time to listen and were great at explaining their process,” added Malis. “And, the fact that they put everything in writing helped me to decide that they were the right company for us.”

About Liberty Insurance Brokers:

Liberty Insurance Brokers is a full-service commercial lines agency and program manager, specializing in investment real estate insurance in urban areas. Liberty works with commercial accounts, specialty accounts, forced placed bank programs, owners of large real estate schedules, and more.